Evidence for Learning: Excellence in learning

Excellence in learning

The Teaching & Learning Toolkit aligned with the NSW DoE School Excellence Framework domain of excellence in learning’.

Use the links below to access the Teaching and Learning Toolkit approaches mapped to the relevant elements of the NSW Department of Education School Excellence Framework’s excellence in learning’ domain.

The excellence in learning’ domain includes:

  • Learning culture: high expectations, transitions and continuity of learning, attendance
  • Wellbeing: caring for students, a planned approach to wellbeing, individual learning needs, behaviour
  • Curriculum: curriculum provision, teaching and learning programs, differentiation
  • Assessment: formative assessment, summative assessment, student engagement
  • Reporting: whole school reporting, student reports, parent engagement
  • Student performance measures: value-add, NAPLAN, student growth, internal and external measures against syllabus standards.

You may also want to review the Teaching & Learning Toolkit approaches as mapped to the other School Excellence Framework domains: excellence in teaching and excellence in leading.

The integration of quality teaching, curriculum planning and assessment to meet the learning needs of all students.

The use of assessments and reporting to monitor, plan and report on student learning across the curriculum.