Evidence for Learning: Excellence in teaching

Excellence in teaching

The Teaching & Learning Toolkit aligned with the NSW DoE School Excellence Framework domain of excellence in teaching’.

Use the links below to access the Teaching and Learning Toolkit approaches mapped to the relevant elements of the NSW Department of Education School Excellence Framework domain of excellence in teaching’.

The excellence in teaching’ domain includes:

  • Effective classroom practice: lesson planning, explicit teaching, feedback, classroom management
  • Data skills and use: data literacy, data analysis, data use in teaching, data use in planning
  • Professional standards: improvement of practice, accreditation, literacy and numeracy focus
  • Learning and development: collaborative practice and feedback, coaching and mentoring, professional learning, expertise and innovation.

You may also want to review the Teaching & Learning Toolkit approaches as mapped to the other School Excellence Framework domains: excellence in learning and excellence in leading.

The identification, understanding and implementation of the most effective teaching methods.