Evidence for Learning: Explore Module 7

Explore Module 7

Module 7: How do Australian schools put evidence into action?

This module is one in a series developed to support AIS ACT school leaders explore research evidence and its application in schools.

This module will highlight how two Australian schools have used research evidence and implementation to drive school improvement approaches. Start by watching the short video below to explore the key concepts.

Every school is going to have a tailored approach to using and embedding research evidence in their setting. 

Having a consistent approach within your school is likely to be beneficial. Steps such as those E4L have designed as recommendations for exploring the toolkit, for example, may be useful, and several will apply no matter what research evidence you are exploring. 

These steps are:

  1. Consider your context and what you want to achieve.
  2. Look behind the headlines and think about what is behind the average’.
  3. Think about cost and evidence as well as impact.
  4. Draw on your professional expertise and consider implementation.
Module 7 2023
  • Reflection

    Can you identify approaches from the research-evidence that might help you in your current setting?

    • Think back to the list of resources you curated in Module 4.
    • Consider the examples that Michael and Luke shared – each approached the evidence from a different perspective, and with a different goal. What is your goal’ for using research-evidence? (has this changed since you set your goal in Module 1?)
  • Discussion Prompt

    • How might you leverage the research evidence that is available to improve the teaching and learning occurring in your school?

Read more about how Wodonga, Emmaus and other schools are putting research evidence into action in E4L’s Illustrations of Practice.