This module is one in a series developed to support AIS ACT school leaders explore research evidence and its application in schools.

This module will introduce you to several trusted sources of evidence. Start by watching the short video below to explore the key concepts.

This module highlights a number of curators and sources of evidence that can assist you in your own efforts to curate evidence that is meaningful for your setting. It highlights that these curators should be transparent and provide clear advice on what and why they include or exclude particular sources of evidence. 

We explore E4L’s Teaching & Learning Toolkit as an example of rigorous research evidence and introduce Guidance Reports which provide actionable recommendations drawn from the findings of systematic reviews. 

Module 4 2023
  • Task

    Focusing on a topic is currently a priority for your setting, curate a short list of sources and/​or pieces of research evidence to share with your colleagues, with an explanation of why these resources are reliable and relevant. Make a note of these (and we’d encourage you to share them with your colleagues when the time is right!). 

    Please bring these along to share in the Module 9 webinar. 

  • Reflection

    When you think about the sources of research evidence that others in your school use, how confident are you that they are reliable, relevant and rigorous? 

    If you are not confident, or you are unsure, what would be the first question you could ask to better understand? 

  • Discussion Prompts

    How might you strengthen the curation process around research evidence in your school? 

There are a range of resources that might assist you to go further. 

Start by digging into an approach from E4L’s Teaching & Learning Toolkit, or the Early Childhood Education Toolkit if you are exploring early years, and see where this takes you.