Evidence for Learning: Explore Module 1

Explore Module 1

Module 1: Why should we use research evidence in schools?

This module is one in a series developed to support AIS ACT school leaders explore research evidence and its application in schools.

This module will introduce you to this course and to Evidence for Learning (E4L). Start by watching the short video below.

Research evidence includes academic research, such as causal research or synthesis research, which uses rigorous methods to provide insights into educational practice’.1

Practitioner-generated evidence includes evidence generated by educators, teachers and leaders through their daily practice’.1

This course focuses primarily on research evidence, but with a lens of educators being evidence-informed’ – that is, drawing on their own professional expertise as they apply learnings and insights from the research evidence. 

1. Australian Education Research Organisation. (2022). Using evidence. Retrieved from: https://www.edresearch.edu.au/…

Module 1 2023
  • Task

    Goal setting is an important component of ensuring professional learning translates to practice. Set a SMART goal for yourself in relation to using research evidence in your setting. 

    For example, your goal might relate to the mobilisation of research evidence in your school, or be to understand how other schools use research evidence. 

    Take a few moments to think about why you registered for this PL offering, and how you hope it will influence your practice.

  • Reflection

    • What is the culture of your school in relation to research evidence?
    • Can you point to examples where research evidence is used well in your school?
  • Discussion prompts

    • How can your school leverage the examples identified above to build a culture where meaningful use of evidence is the norm?
    • In conversations about evidence, how might you support others to think about ensuring research evidence and practitioner generated evidence are considered?

Module 2 is available for you to explore now!