Evidence for Learning: Insights into de-implementation

Insights into de-implementation

Insights for school leaders thinking about de-implementation

Schools are busy places, where time and money are precious, and educators and school leaders are experiencing increasing workloads. There is talk of doing fewer things, but how do you actually do that?

De-implementation provides an opportunity for school leaders to think about, and lead, a change process which gives educators the time and energy to focus on what matters most.

E4L has developed this set of resources and tools to assist school leaders in thinking about the complex task of de-implementation. 

These resources highlight that much like implementation, de-implementation is not a simple, one-off activity, but a process requiring time, planning and follow through. An effective de-implementation process is likely to be cyclical and follow the interconnected stages of explore’, prepare’, deliver’ and sustain’.

Introduction to de-implementation

This set of resources is written to assist school leaders in the development of a process for the thoughtful de‐​implementation of initiatives identified as requiring retirement.

While school leaders are the primary audience for these resources, we hope that those who work with schools through regional and departmental roles may also find the insights useful in facilitating conversations about school improvement.