Evidence for Learning: Recharge


The Teaching and Learning Toolkit aligned to the Northern Territory’s Signature Strategies’: Recharge

The Northern Territory’s Signature Strategies’ are a small number of high impact strategies across each of the four improvement journeys. The strategies are a guide to begin conversations as a school community and to ensure that efforts and energy are aligned to the actions which will make the most significant difference for our students. This section explores the strategies within the Recharge improvement journey and their alignment to approaches from the Learning and Teaching Toolkit.

Availability and comparison of multiple data sets to review improvement strategies in place and to evaluate impact and adjust as needed. 

Build shared accountability for the continuous improvement of quality teaching and learning occurring within cultures of regular feedback and the ongoing development of consistent practice.

Build whole school approach to teaching students specific for planning, monitoring and evaluation their own learning.

School wide programs, processes and partnership exist to enable accelerated student engagement, growth and achievement.

Enhance collective efficacy through collaborative expertise with a focus on improving student learning outcomes. 

The Toolkit doesn’t contain approaches which directly relate to this signature strategy.