Evidence for Learning: SaGE Network – Mathematics

SaGE Network – Mathematics

Resources for SaGE network mathematics

Session 1 focussed on evidence informed decision making. Drawing on the Guidance Report and self-assessment guide.

Improving mathematics in upper primary and lower secondary

Self-assessment tool

This guide describes what ‘ineffective’, ‘improving’ and ‘exemplary’ practice can look like in relation to each of the recommendations.Uploaded:  • 201.2 KB - pdf
Download resource Self-assessment tool

Putting evidence to work in STEM

Session 2 focussed on identifying a priority that is amenable to change. Drawing on the Gathering and interpreting data to identify priorities tool.

Gathering and interpreting data to identify priorities

Session 2 focussed on preparing an implementation plan. Drawing on the Implementation Guidance Report and Planning for Impact 2024.

Implementation Guidance Report

Implementation Checklist

An aggregated set of checklists from across the guidance report, to help reflect on the recommendations in the report.Uploaded:  • 58.3 KB - pdf
Download resource Implementation Checklist

Planning for Impact 2024