Evidence for Learning: Planning for impact 2023

Planning for impact 2023

A guide for using research evidence to support school planning for 2023

If you’re looking for our latest resource to support school planning, see Planning for impact in 2024.

This guide has been designed to support your school’s existing planning processes by bringing together the latest and most relevant E4L evidence resources into one place.

The guide for 2023 follows on from the one we released in 2020, setting out a stepped approach to planning that focuses on:

  • high-quality teaching for all
  • targeted academic support
  • wider strategies to support students.

The guide can help your school to identify the approaches that are likely to make the biggest difference to your students, while considering time, cost, energy, and resources. In addition to describing the E4L resources relevant to teaching, support and wider strategies, the guide includes reflection questions to consider as you are developing your 2023 plans.

This guide has been developed to help school leaders draw on E4L’s resources as they plan for 2023, in the context of the ongoing challenges of the last few years where some students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, may have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.

It has been developed with existing school planning processes in mind and can be used alongside relevant state, territory or other jurisdictional processes to prioritise those approaches which will have the most impact.