Evidence for Learning: Orchard Early Learning Centre

Orchard Early Learning Centre

Video examples of practice describing early maths approaches at Orchard Early Learning Centre

To support E4L’s Guidance Report, Improving mathematics in the early years with children aged 3 – 7 years’, we have worked with educators to capture examples of the recommendations in their settings.

In these videos from the team at Orchard Early Learning Centre hear:

  • Koh (Manager of Pedagogy, Practice and Continuous Improvement) reflect on Numicon manipulatives have been introduced to the children and how they are used to explore mathematical concepts
  • Koh and Damon (Early Childhood Teacher and STEM Specialist) explore how making the most of moments in play can help to see and support children’s mathematical understanding
  • Fiona (Early Childhood Teacher & Orchard Preschool Specialist) explore how patterns in nature and examining natural materials can support children to engage with mathematical ideas and maths talk
  • Justine (Nature Leader) describe how she plans experiences in art to develop maths concepts, such as symmetry.
Example of practice in early maths: Using Numicon manipulatives
Example of practice in early maths: Building on what children already know
Example of practice in early maths: Exploring mathematical concepts in art
Example of practice in early maths: Looking for opportunities to explore maths through nature