Evidence for Learning: Improving student behaviour

Improving student behaviour

A webinar providing professional learning for educators on student behaviour.

Educators in this webinar will explore the evidence base for ways to improve students’ behaviour. This webinar is designed for primary or secondary school teachers and those with an interest in primary or secondary education.

Webinars •1 minute •

We will explore both the Teaching & Learning Toolkit, and the Education Endowment Foundations (EEF’s) Guidance Report Improving Behaviour in Schools’ which highlights six recommendations across three different types of strategies: Proactive strategies, Reactive strategies and Implementation. 

What you will learn:

  • Explore the key recommendations drawn from the research on improving student outcomes.
  • Hear about strategies being implemented in schools and how they are bringing the evidence to life.
  • Think about the key lever points in your own school setting.

This webinar will be facilitated by Dr Tanya Vaughan in conversation with Bryan Field, Junior Sub School Leader at Monterey Secondary College, and Susannah Schoeffel from Evidence for Learning.

Webinar: Improving student behaviour