Evidence for Learning: De-implementation: evidence into practice

De-implementation: evidence into practice

A webinar providing professional learning for educators on de-implementation

In this webinar, school and system leaders will learn about the practical considerations of de-implementation.

Webinars •1 minute •

De-implementation involves removing ineffective, costly, duplicative or time-consuming (low-value) initiatives that can be withdrawn without disadvantaging students. While not a silver bullet for reducing workload, it is an option for school leaders who are looking to focus on implementing and sustaining practices that have the most impact.

We were delighted to host a discussion with John Cleary (Senior Director, Education Improvement, Northern Territory Department of Education), and Donna O’Brien (Principal, Gillen Primary School, Alice Springs), who shared with us their experience of de-implementation and practical considerations for school leaders considering embarking on a de-implementation journey.

The webinar supports school and system leaders to:

  • Understand the emerging research evidence on de-implementation
  • Explore the considerations for school leaders taking a de-implementation approach to school improvement
  • Think about how the de-implementation guide can support you as you develop priorities for 2024 school improvement planning.
Webinar: De-implementation - evidence into practice