Evidence for Learning: Improving literacy in primary school

Improving literacy in primary school

A webinar providing professional learning for educators on improving literacy in primary school.

In this webinar educators will learn about how to improve literacy of their students. You will investigate the two Evidence for Learning Guidance Reports dedicated to primary literacy, along with the evidence from the Teaching & Learning Toolkit. 

Webinars •1 minute •

This webinar will look at practical recommendations for primary school educators and school leaders.

What you’ll learn:

  • A general overview of the evidence-based recommendations for improving literacy outcomes for primary students.
  • Knowledge about the latest global research on what strategies are leading to improved literacy outcomes.
  • Examples of how these recommendations are being translated into the classroom in an Australian school.
  • Adoption of how these recommendations can be used at a whole school and classroom level.

This webinar will be facilitated by Dr Tanya Vaughan in conversation with Professor Anne Castles from Macquarie University, Jenny Mackay, Assistant Principal from Dandenong North PS and Susannah Schoeffel from Evidence for Learning. 

Webinar: Improving literacy in primary school