Evidence for Learning: Explore Module 3

Explore Module 3

Module 3: How do we know what to look for when seeking quality research evidence?

This module is one in a series developed to support AIS ACT school leaders explore research evidence and its application in schools.

This module will examine research evidence in terms of its quality’. Start by watching the short video below to explore the key concepts.

This module introduces a hierarchy of evidence (see more in the further reading section) which is one way of understanding the strength or quality of evidence. 

We also consider the role and importance of identifying trusted partners and curators of evidence, and the key indicators that allow us to be confident in the quality of research evidence. 

Module 3 2023
  • Task

    In the evidence audit tool below, identify the sources that you currently refer to when seeking research evidence and complete the table to show how you determine the quality of this research evidence. 

  • Download the Evidence Audit Tool.

  • Discussion Prompts

    Consider one area that is a priority in your school, and the research evidence that you have used to support the approach(es) you have selected in response. 

    How you have determined the quality of this research evidence, particularly the rigour and relevance?

    How might you use the Evidence Audit Tool or your own version to build a shared process around assessing the quality of evidence in your school?

To explore further, we suggest An evidence broker for Australian schools’ authored by Matthew Deeble and Tanya Vaughan which was published by the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE) in 2018. If you have only a few minutes, the section What works best and how do you know?’ on page 3 provides a useful summary of the concept of evidence-informed practice and further discusses the relevance of the evidence hierarchy. 

A short blog Climbing the pyramid to get a better view’ shares E4L’s story of commissioning research through the lens of the evidence hierarchy.