Evidence for Learning: An evidence broker for Australian schools

An evidence broker for Australian schools

Reflecting on Evidence for Learning in 2018, three years into its development.


Written in 2018, this piece explains the role of Evidence for Learning after it had been developed for three years as a pilot to inform Australia’s education system and help educators increase learning through better evidence. 

The central premise of their work is to place the school, leaders and teachers at the heart of a collective effort for improved outcomes. It argues that an independent, national and cross-sectoral body, which is focused on building, sharing and encouraging the use of evidence to improve educational outcomes, and which works collaboratively with all stakeholders in our complex system, represents the best model for Australia and our learners.


Matthew Deeble and Dr Tanya Vaughan


This article originally featured as an Occasional Paper for the Centre for Strategic Education on 9 May 2018.