Evidence for Learning: Tailored Guidance Reports and supporting resources

Tailored Guidance Reports and supporting resources

Guidance Reports and supporting resources for Northern Territory schools.

This page contains resources tailored to schools in the Northern Territory, including a range of Guidance Reports which provide clear and actionable recommendations on a range of high-priority areas, a guide to de-implementation and a guide to evaluation. 

This Evaluation Guide has been developed to complement the suite of initiatives under The Evidence Framework established by the Northern Territory Department of Education. It is designed to support schools and the system to make deliberate and evidence‑informed decisions when planning, implementing, and monitoring initiatives to improve student outcomes. The Department’s evaluation tools align with the Northern Territory Government Evaluation Framework and supporting toolkit.

Evidence for Learning, in partnership with the Northern Territory Department of Education, have developed a De-implementation Guide to support de-implementation of approaches in the Territory. This guide is intended for use by the staff who are involved in the selection, development and delivery of initiatives, projects and programs in schools. It is written to assist staff in the development of a process for the thoughtful de‑implementation of initiatives identified as requiring revision or retirement.