Evidence for Learning: Teaching & Learning Toolkit: Q&A with lead author, Professor Steve Higgins

Teaching & Learning Toolkit: Q&A with lead author, Professor Steve Higgins

A webinar providing professional learning on the Teaching & Learning Toolkit and the Early Childhood Education Toolkit.

In this webinar educators will learn about the Teaching & Learning Toolkit (the Toolkit), including the Early Childhood Education Toolkit (ECE Toolkit) due to be released in Australia later this year. This webinar will include a walkthrough of the Toolkits.

Webinars •1 minute •

The Toolkits are an accessible summary of educational research. The Toolkits aims to: 

  • Support evidence-informed decision-making in Australian schools and pre-schools;
  • Provide guidance for principals, teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve educational outcomes for their students, particularly those from low-income families;
  • Act as an introduction to educational research.

The majority of the webinar will be spent in a question and answer session with Professor Steve Higgins from Durham University, who is the lead author of the Toolkits.

A full list of further reading links mentioned by Professor Steve Higgins can be found here.

The Teaching and Learning Toolkit and Early Childhood Education Toolkit are available on the E4L website. 

The Teaching & Learning Toolkit Q&A with lead author Prof Steve Higgins