Evidence for Learning: Oral language development in the early years

Oral language development in the early years

A webinar providing professional learning for educators on oral language development in the early years.

This webinar will discuss evidence-informed ways that educators can support the development of critical oral language skills for young children. It is relevant for educators in early learning settings and Foundation to Year 2 teachers. 

Webinars •1 minute •

Oral language is the way children communicate their views, learn to understand others, and make discoveries. Educators can support and enhance children’s oral language by engaging in sustained communication with children about ideas and experiences.

What you’ll learn:

  • Research on the importance of oral language development.
  • Evidence-informed strategies to support rich conversations with young learners including how to create spaces for children’s talk, what are quality questions to prompt children’s talk and participation in conversations and how to keep the conversation going.

Presented by researcher and former early childhood teacher Dr Sandy Houen and researcher Dr Sally Stanton from the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland, and E4L Associate Director Danielle Toon.

Webinar: Oral language development in the early years