Evidence for Learning: Maximising the impact of Teaching Assistants

Maximising the impact of Teaching Assistants

A webinar providing professional learning for educators on how to make the best use of Teaching Assistants.

During this webinar educators will learn about practical, evidence-based guidance to help primary and secondary schools make the best use of Teaching Assistants (TAs). Looking beyond the recommendations set out in E4L’s Guidance Report Making best use of Teaching Assistants, you will explore practical examples of where TAs have been essential in improving outcomes for students. 

Webinars •1 minute •

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are an invaluable resource in Australian schools supporting teachers in the classroom, TAs are a 90,500‑strong workforce. In 2017, on average, there were 10 teaching assistants in every school. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn about what effective use of TAs can look like
  • Think about how to implement a whole-school strategy around the use of TAs
  • Hear from Australian schools who are implementing TAs and learn about their change process

This webinar will be facilitated by Dr Tanya Vaughan in conversation with Luke Willsmore, Head of Secondary at Emmaus Christian School, Michelle Taylor, Teaching Assistant at Emmaus Christian School, and Susannah Schoeffel from Evidence for Learning.

Unpacking the effective use of Teaching Assistants