Evidence for Learning: An introduction to de-implementation

An introduction to de-implementation

What is de-implementation and how can it support our school?

Introducing a new video to highlight the research on de-implementation and E4L’s supporting resources. 

Video •1 minute •

De-implementation is not a silver bullet for reducing workload, but it is a practical option for school leaders who are looking to looking to prioritise and sustain practices which are likely to have the most impact.

This short video, An introduction to de-implementation, shares an overview of E4L’s resources developed to support school leaders as they consider de-implementation in their schools. It includes an insights paper, and a range of tools to support discussions about prioritisation, as well as action planning. 

Take a look at the video below.

Introduction to de-implementation

To learn more about the evidence on de-implementation and to access the supporting tools, access the Insights into de-implementation page.