Evidence for Learning: An introduction to effective professional development

An introduction to effective professional development

Explore the mechanisms that make professional development effective, and learn about balanced PD design.

Introducing a new video to highlight the mechanisms of effective professional development

1 minute •

Professional development (PD) for teachers has potential to improve student outcomes; but it also comes with costs. We know that teachers engage in PD activities whilst balancing multiple and, at times, competing commitments and time pressures. It’s important that PD is as effective and efficient as possible.

This short, five-minute video highlights the 14 mechanisms of PD and explains how they can be incorporated into effective PD design. The video includes resources from E4L that can support PD in school settings.

This video can be used to support conversations in your setting about effective PD design, and may provide a starting point for reflection about PD in your context.

Explainer - Professional Development

To learn more about the evidence on professional development and to access the supporting tools, access the Guidance Report on effective professional development.