Evidence for Learning: Explore Module 6

Explore Module 6

Module 6: What are the barriers and enablers of using research evidence?

This module is one in a series developed to support AIS ACT school leaders explore research evidence and its application in schools.

This module looks at the barriers and enablers relating to the meaningful use of research evidence. Start by watching the short video below to explore the key concepts.

The GEMS project highlighted a range of barriers and enablers that schools identified in relation to using research evidence. 

  • Barriers to using research evidence include staff-turnover, difficultly in identifying relevant, high-quality research and change-fatigue.
  • Enablers to using research evidence include support from colleagues, having regular job-embedded meeting times, and the external expertise of professional learning providers and partners.
Module 6 2023
  • Task & discussion Prompts

    Identify 3 – 5 barriers, and 3 – 5 enablers that exist for you, in relation to using research evidence in a meaningful way. 

    • For each enabler – consider how you might use this as a lever. 
    • For each barrier – consider if there are any work arounds?

The suite of GEMS resources may be of interest to you to explore Australia schools are experiencing mobilising research evidence.