Evidence for Learning: Remote Professional Development Rapid Evidence Assessment

Remote Professional Development Rapid Evidence Assessment

A rapid evidence review on remote professional development (PD) to support schools.

The EEF has commissioned a rapid evidence review on remote professional development (PD) to support schools. The review focused on ways to use remote learning techniques to support ongoing home learning or provide catch-up support to help close the gaps. This rapid evidence assessment aims to summarise the efficacy of remote PD approaches to support school leaders and PD providers with decisions they are making about PD provision given social distancing requirements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The review examined:

  • The qualities of successful remote learning techniques for professionals
  • How to successfully implement distance learning to facilitate adult professional development
  • How teachers and other school staff learn well when some or all training is remote

The review systematically searched for meta-analyses and systematic reviews to find the best evidence for fully remote and for blended PD approaches.

The Protocol describing the design and methodology of the review is published below.

Key findings and implications include:

  • Professional development can be supported effectively remotely
  • Remote coaching, mentoring and expert support can be effective alone or as part of broader PD programs
  • The use of video can enhance remote PD
  • Interactive content and opportunities for collaboration hold promise for remote professional development
  • Remote professional development requires supportive school conditions (support from leaders, protected time, tech-specific training, platform ease of access)

The following reports are free to access and download.