Evidence for Learning: NSW schools supported by best evidence

NSW schools supported by best evidence

Evidence for Learning has partnered with the New South Wales Department of Education.

For the first time, teachers in New South Wales will be able to easily find the best global evidence about what works for students, and what doesn’t, and apply it directly in their classrooms in line with their own school improvement practices.

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A partnership between the NSW Department of Education and Evidence for Learning for the first time links this easy-to-digest research directly to the NSW School Excellence Framework for public schools.

The Secretary of the NSW Department of Education Mark Scott said

Evidence for Learning Director Matthew Deeble said the partnership will give confidence to parents that their children’s teachers are informed by the Toolkit’s research, which is backed by the results of more than 10,000 rigorous evidence based local and international studies on what helps kids learn best.

Previously, school leaders and teachers had to wade through reams of research papers to search for approaches that might best help their students’ learning.

Now they can access a tool which not only gives them an understanding of the learning gain of different approaches but is directly relevant to what they are expected to deliver according to the School Excellence Framework.

The more we can provide our teachers with accessible evidence relevant to their context, the greater chance we’ll have of improving students’ learning.”

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Evidence for Learning is incubated by Social Ventures Australia (SVA) with the support of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the Education Endowment Foundation (UK) as founding partners.