Evidence for Learning: Evidence agenda for schools will make for a smarter Australia

Evidence agenda for schools will make for a smarter Australia

The Prime Minister says Australian students benefit from great schools and teachers are supported by strong evidence.

Evidence agenda for schools will make for a smarter Australia

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Evidence for Learning welcomed the Gonski 2.0’ Review, announced by the Prime Minister today, and called on the Review to deliver a blueprint for embedding evidence informed practice in classrooms, not just a method for allocating funding.

Matthew Deeble, Director of Evidence for Learning, a national, independent non-profit organisation that supports educators to improve learning through better evidence, said:

We are pleased to hear the Prime Minister acknowledge that the path to improved outcomes for Australian students comes from great schools and teachers who are supported by a strong evidence base.

This means not just identifying the reforms that are likely to make the biggest difference but also funding the practical support for schools to implement what works in the classroom.

Evidence sitting on the shelf has no impact whatsoever.

Schools need support to build their capacity to use data and evidence to make a difference in student learning.

We look forward to working with the government and the new Gonski panel to ensure that our education system delivers better outcomes for students,’ Mr Deeble said.

Evidence for Learning presents findings to teachers and other education leaders backed by the results of more than 10,000 rigorous local and international studies on what helps kids learn best.

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